back in Cairoback in Cairo Everyone has been asking me if things feel or look any different here in Cairo after the revolution.  When I left, there were tanks in my neighborhood, a curfew, lots of gunfire, there was no internet, and Mubarak was still president.  Now, Mubarak is gone, the police are back on the streets, the tanks have rolled out,...

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from ancient to medieval in Cairofrom ancient to medieval in Cairo On Tuesday we started our day with a cab ride to Tahrir to see the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. We spent a few hours enjoying the Tutahnkamun exhibit, Akhenaten collection, and other ancient art and artifacts of Egypt. We then took a taxi to the Citadel. The views of the city were stunning. We...

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weddles in luxorweddles in luxor This past week has been a whirlwind!  After seeing some sights around Cairo with Ryan, my parents arrived and we left for Luxor.  We arrived in Luxor around midday and decided to check out Luxor Temple in the afternoon sunlight.  It was incredible.  The city of Luxor creeps right up to the edges of these ancient sites,...

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Mount SinaiMount Sinai Last weekend we went on a faculty trip to Mount Sinai.  After a 9 hour bus ride through barren, empty, desert, along the eastern coast of Egypt and across the Sinai Peninsula, we made it to Dahab where the best thing about our hotel was the coral reef meters from our room.  Another 2 hour bus ride through a forbidding...

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Unfinished ObeliskUnfinished Obelisk Once we got to Aswan and after a crazy taxi experience that entailed some serious driver rivalry, keys stolen from the ignition, a chase involving a tire iron, and a group of tourists, ahem, us, quietly unloading our luggage and finding another cab... (yeah, I know, OH EGYPT!) Anyhow once we got to Aswan, we decided...

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The Jordan River and Madaba Map

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During our trip to Jordan we were able to see the Jordan River and the site where Jesus is believed to have been baptized.

Because the river has changed its course somewhat over the last 2000 years, the location believed to be where Jesus was baptized is actually now on dry ground.  The structures in the above photo above were built to protect ruins of churches built on the site.

We also went to a nearby modern-day church where we were able to see the river up close.

The river is on the border between Jordan and Israel.  The steps on the other side are in Israel.

We also visited a church in Madaba where we were able to see the Madaba Mosaic Map.

The Map of Madaba is a mosaic map in the floor of a church that depicts the Holy Land and dates from the 6th century AD.  Much of the map has been damaged, but large sections are still intact.  You can see the walled city of Jerusalem in the photo below.

The level of detail is really amazing.

The above photo depicts the Jordan River flowing into the Dead Sea.  You can see one fish swimming toward the Dead Sea and one swimming back because the Dead Sea is too salty.

During the iconoclasm, parts of the map were destroyed.  You can see an example of this in the next photo.

It depicts a lion chasing a gazelle, but the lion has been demolished.  I was surprised to see that rather than just obliterating the image, the individual tiles were removed and replaced with random different colored tiles and that the entire image was not destroyed.

It was definitely interesting and made me really pay attention to how much history there is in this region.

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